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A Business As The Study Of Customer Desires

Part Host, Part Boss, Part Friend. Before he started his business, Coleman Lee Finkel spent half-century thinking about what other people were doing wrong that he could do right. By Tanya Mohn. [New York Times: Business]

Mr. Coleman Lee Finkel is the perfect example of a relationship builder that knows exactly what his customers want, provides it, and enjoys his life as a business leader. At 72 (in 1992) he started the Coleman Center, a conferencing center in Midtown Manhattan, built on the understanding and research of what makes a perfect environment for meetings.

What makes Finkel unique?

  1. He doesn't limit himself by what others are doing in the same industry. Instead of building a conference center just like everyone else, he produced an experience unlike any other. Every element of the organization sets it apart from those around him, in practice, customers get what they desire in a more functional way.
  2. He built his organization on a personal study of customers desired results. Before launching his conference service, Finkel spent lots of time researching his offer by attending conferences, noting deficiencies in other providers, studying contributing factors, and noting product experience. He made this part of what he does, and enjoys delivering what the customer expects.
  3. He used his own experience from the customers prospective to improve a service. Drawing from personal experiences in your customers shoes helps get started in filling gabs in the current market place. Build on this with frequent customer surveys and a practice of gathering feedback from customer.
  4. He demonstrates enthusiasm for his work and shares it with employees. By giving everyone an opportunity to chair meetings, to almost be him in the decisions of the organization, Finkel involves is staff. He creates an experience for his employees by giving them the chairman's chair and gavel to lead a team effort.
  5. He incorporates life experiences with management practice. By using what he learned from his fathers business practices, his experiences in the Marine Corp, and career life, Finkel conveys a strong holistic management practice the involves employees. He'll spend less time making the mistakes others have already found solutions.
  6. He knows his subject from various angles and prospectives. Finkel is the author of The Environment Is the Meeting and five other books on meeting management. He knows his business, has consulted in the area, and shares what he knows with others. Customers can know what to expect before they contract his companies services.

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