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Are You Trying Hard To Be Like Everyone Else?

Albert Camus. "Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal." [Quotes of the Day]

How much effort does your company put into being like your competitors? It seem so many organizations try to hard to keep up with those around them, and don't actually produce any new innovation of their own. Do you really want to keep up with someone who's likely trying to be like you?

Things you can do to be different so that you attract more profitable customers:

  1. Answer the "well your competitors is doing it" question with "so what?" Help your customers understand that if you and your competitors were the same, then one of you isn't needed. Instead of matching competitors pricing in the B2B world, explain the result they get for the dollar spent with you.
  2. Document your differences in every marketing piece. In addition to describing why you are the same as competitors, also note what makes you different. Focus on solid reasons your way is the better way, and what that means to your customer.
  3. Hold the business relationship up as an important difference of value. If you have any unique value it's that your existing customer choose to do business with you. Find out why current customers selected you and leverage this in how you seek new customers.
  4. While people want consistency, they want to be special. Demonstrate how your organization is consistent in the market place, but how receiving a solution through you provides unique value that helps customers stand out in a positive way. "Like other companies we do X, and how we do it gives you Y."
  5. Find six ways to do things one better than competitors. Don't match them, beat them by being just a little bit better, but only where it is important to your customers. This might mean doing things completely differently or using better methods. Talk with your customers to determine what they want and will purchase if you offered.

Professional business isn't high school, it's okay to be different. If you're just like everyone else, how can you provide a unique value that customers want? Couldn't you use that "keeping up" energy to provide unique value that customers would buy?

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