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Being Believable Establishes Trust With Visitors

Before someone will buy something from your website, or call your sales representatives, they must trust that what you provide solves a specific problem they face. In order to develop this trust (a precursor to a relationship) you must:

  1. Use plain and simple language that is believable. This means removing all the hype and being specific with key facts. If 1,223 customers have benefited from product A, then say so, don't use general numbers because readers won't believe them.
  2. Make products only as exciting as you can substantiate with facts. Don't say you have the most incredible product on the market, it is more credible to show how your product is better than others with documented facts. Show visitors the value of your product rather than telling them.
  3. Use real customer testimonials attributed to real customers. In the movie industry it is well documented that many critics comments are recycled, such insincere remarks wouldn't be tolerated in the business-to-business world. Quote real customers and with their permission use their name.
  4. Select specific facts that highlight key product benefits. Using actual figures and facts to describe product benefits are more believable than general statements. Quote and use third-party tests to demonstrate reasons to do business with your organization.
  5. Manage all copy as direct copy to be tested for utility. Utilize highly trained copywriters to create both website copy and direct response copy. Target specific landing pages to support the desires of segments of visiting prospects with the sole purpose of converting them to customers.

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