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Productive Meetings Start With Planning

Basics of meetings. My good friend, David Badash, noted his top three goals when planning a meeting: 1. Keep the end goal in mind ~ What are your... [robinyap.com]

Like meetings should be, David Badash's top three goals for a meeting are short and to the point. Too often meetings become proving grounds for alliances. Confusing forays between attendees send meetings into overtime. All this isn't necessary.

By establishing common meeting objectives, i.e. what does the group want to accomplish, you can turn meetings into productive collaborations. Remember, meetings are supposed to be short and to the point. Why not get right to the point?

Getting to the point is more than just staying on topic, it also means only inviting those people who are absolutely necessary to the meeting. Each attendee should have a specific contribution, if not, they should have something better to do.

How many meetings have you been to that really didn't require your presents? How many other things could you have been doing with your valuable time? Too often attendees don't know they can speak up and excuse themselves from meetings where they don't feel they bring any value.

After a meeting, everyone should get right back to action. You've probably seen continued discussions after a meeting, even the same issues coming up week after week. Actions should be delegated immediately after meetings with a specific time frame for completion.

So what does this have to do with business relationships? You can focus your team with the right meetings, and make employees unproductive with the wrong meetings. Before you call a meeting, do your homework and consider these tips.

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