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Steps To Refocus On Revenue Generation

In the first iteration of these 4 steps you are to just write down your ideas from memory-- don't distract yourself with fact finding right now, focus on brainstorming as many ideas as possible. Try to produce a list of specific statements describing each step, push for as many items as possible, but be specific.

  1. Identify customer characteristics,
  2. Document existing revenue sources,
  3. Note actions that produce income,
  4. Test against best practices,

Next, use facts to identify the top elements in each category. Narrow down each list to produce 20 primarily characteristics of qualified customers, the top 3 key income channels, and at least 10 specific actions that produce your greatest profits. Document each item using a focused statement that clearly defines who, what, when, where, and why-- and simply written so they can be embraced by anyone in the company.

After you have a complete list, consider alternative methods to improve your current practices. You aren't looking for ways to replace what you currently do, but make your best practices better. Select on of these new actions to test against your current actions-- see what kind of results you get as you regularly enhance your best practices.

As you focus on the specific actions that generate revenue it will be easier to continue to produce better results. Do those core things you do best, and you will have revenue any economic environment. Where will you start first?

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