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Train Employees On Position Objectives Too

Most companies only train employees for their current job and neglect to address the results the company desires for successful job completion. This leads to skilled professionals, but doesn't advance the companies objectives as much as training for skills that advance the positions objectives.

Position objectives are measures that contribute to the desired results of successful job completion. If reducing software bugs is the desired result, train software engineers in the programming language, troubleshooting, and tools to test software. However, if the companies desired results is better software performance, then train software engineers in algorithm design, process optimization, and memory dynamics.

Training for position objectives means individuals receive training that brings them to where they should be for the company to achieve its objectives. Yes, continue to train on todays job tasks-- but at a level that integrates additional company objectives that reduces costs, improves quality, and increases performance.

This means training on skills that aren't directly related to job titles or even customizing training programs to add insights about company desired results. For example, after training on a specific software application, add training on how this specific application fits in the larger business picture. This tailoring bridges generic skills to specific desired outcomes based on current business objectives.

What will this do for your company? Instead of simply smart employees who can do their job, you get functional contributors to the larger business objectives. Each employee can clearly see how their position fits into larger objectives increasing loyalty and enthusiasm for work.

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By Justin Hitt at September 15, 2003 11:59 PM  Subscribe in a reader


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