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Update On Port Filtering By Cox High Speed Internet

In a previous message, Cox blocking POP services by third-parties, I shared with you details about a customer irritating practice of port filtering being practiced by my Internet provider. Cox High Speed Internet has since removed port filtering of POP3 to third-party sites.

I'm not sure if it was the 2-hours spent on technical support (3/4 of which was on hold) or calling their corporate headquarters, but the situation has been resolved. I'm still concerned about the way they handled the situation and that I got three different assessments of the situation from support staff, but that's an entirely different monster that will be addressed here in the future.

Let me repeat the important lesson here-- solving internal problems shouldn't limit your customers ability to receive the service they desire, and you shouldn't make your service harder to use. Both actions will irritate customers and ruin your buying relationship with them.

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By Justin Hitt at September 19, 2003 6:13 PM  Subscribe in a reader


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