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Weblogs Contribute To Relationship Building For Business

An extension on my building business relationships with your website, Terry Frazier shares Building Business Relationships via the Blog. Web logs serve an important role of humanizing interactive mediums such as the Internet. Readers have the opportunity to comment, quote, and even discuss entries-- providing almost instant feedback from customers interested in the topic discussed.

You must have a clear purpose for your web log. The most ideal use for web logs is to share knowledge about a particular topic or category of topics. As a broadcast medium web logs tend to reach those most interested in the topic, or can then contribute through their own web log posting. Through comments and trackback a web of knowledge is documented for searching.

Trackbacks are a record of references to the current log entry by other sites. The dynamic nature of the web lets readers easily link between sites in the context of the information provided. In this one-to-many medium, trackbacks help map interconnected knowledge.

With all the advantages that web logs have, it is no excuse not to utilize traditional media formats and other face-to-face forums. Consider web logs like open journals to share ideas once they are ready for documentation-- like a record of the decision making and analytical work of business.

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