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Do You Make It Easy To Join Your Newsletter?

If you have an newsletter, make it easy for new subscribers to join. I frequently find newsletter that I think are interesting-- spontaneously I look for some way to subscribe and read more later. If potential subscribers can't easily figure out how then most will just leave.

Each of the following companies have a newsletters available to customers-- some for a specific division while others are for the overall company. Of course, you wouldn't know this by visiting their main website. Are you making it difficult to get the publications you already provide?

Stay in touch with customers through any channel possible. Even federal contracts can be awarded directly, newsletters are useful tools to document the interest or concerns of potential customers. If your newsletter is difficult to find, yet alone subscribe, you're only producing half the satisfaction you should.

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By Justin Hitt at October 12, 2003 1:36 PM  Subscribe in a reader


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