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Executives Minimize Risks That Affect Their Compensation (Summary)

Interesting insights on kinds of information sources used in making critical decisions as affected by the structure of their compensation package (University of Arkansas, Vikas Anand) included: (Study conducted on high-tech firms)

The two-stage study investigated compensation and information sources of 207 top executives in software manufacturing firms and a control group of 247 executives in non-high tech firms. First, CEOs were asked to describe the compensation packages of their top executives. In the second stage, these executives were surveyed about their information-seeking behavior.

Vikas Anand conducted this study with Luis Gomez-Mejia (professor of management at Arizona State) and former graduate student Paul Tiedet (University of Arkansas). Results were presented at the 2003 annual meeting of the Academy of Management in Seattle. Vikas Anand, assistant professor of management, Walton College of Business; (479) 575-6232; vanand@walton.uark.edu

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