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Internal Bickering Only Wastes Resources

It's a wonder anything gets done in business today, often staff are worn out on internal issues before they even reach revenue producing tasks (such as serving customers.) How often do you see problems where there shouldn't be any?

Here is a quick list of many of the internal relationship problems that waste time and resources in your organization:

  1. Employees tired of politics are cynical with customers causing customers not to return or to second guess your value to them. (How to improve customer communications while creating profits)
  2. Great resources quietly leave because they feel under-appreciated causing higher costs for retention and human resources efforts.
  3. Hours are added to processes that don't produce revenue, all for simple misunderstandings that could have been eliminated with better communications.
  4. Cutting corners causes millions of dollars worth of product defects, even deaths, because workers were measured on quantity instead of quality produced.
  5. Political end fighting blocks the flow of critical information, even encourages withholding facts necessary to other departments, all limiting the companies profit potential. (How to leverage internal partnerships to improve customer experience)
  6. Department managers inflate revenue to make their group look good, only to find deficiencies when you need results most.
  7. Employees work hard enough not to get fired because their bosses feel it is better to punish discretions rather than reward desirable behavior. (Strategies for outstanding employee relationships)

If you are spinning your wheels or not accomplishing half of what you expect you should, then relationship skills inside your company need improving. A few hours of soft-skills training coupled with the tuning of performance measures can significantly eliminate these stumbling blocks.

What would improvements in any of these areas mean to your bottom line?

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By Justin Hitt at October 29, 2003 12:52 PM  Subscribe in a reader


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