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More Market Segmentation Strategies For Profits

Proper segmentation can produce profits from niche markets inside your current customer base. A variety of data management strategies are available, each one with its own unique value to your organization. What strategy will you use to identify new opportunities for your business?

  1. Organizational event-trigger modeling looks at conditions and actions of a prospect company to predict need. The actions a company takes (or doesn't) can demonstrate a need for what you offer, and a great opportunity for a sale.
  2. Lead source analysis shows where prospects produce the highest conversion rates. This method guides lead generation efforts while increasing the value of prospecting activities. Could also be applied to advertising codes.
  3. Dual target campaigns focus on decision makers and influence groups to educate both sides of the buying process. This often puts decisions makers and staff on the same page when selling to a group.
  4. Transactional filters match behavior with mapped marketing materials. This includes integrating web navigation and materials requests in a manner than demonstrates a prospects area of interest.
  5. Product life-cycle mapping places customers at a point along a finite model of product usage. Depending on where in the cycle, customers receive different sales/marketing interactions. Useful with consumable products.
  6. Volume threshold management demonstrates opportunities based on changes in purchase volume or use of raw materials. Actions taken could include adjustments in pricing, distribution, or introduction of higher capacity offerings in your product line.

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