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Relationship Value Of A Networked Hiring Community

Phil Wolff presents key points on relationship building opportunities in a new venture that could make a huge difference in the quality of recruits your human resources sees. Monster with its 40 million accounts is launching a Networking service designed to connect job seekers and employers.

If you are at all interested in building employee relationship (including recruiting), then I recommend you read Wolff's article. The following includes several relationship points mentioned in Wolff's article, plus commentary.

  1. Statistically people are in work mode more than job search mode. Since job searches are infrequent Monster must continually advertise to the same people to bring them back to the service. Networking tools may help keep their customers around more often while providing tools for recruiting offices to stay up on the latest industry trends.
  2. Employers using Monster receive too many leads per position posted. Being able to look into a networking community, clients of Monster can improve the quality of their recruiting efforts. This should save you money, while cultivating a farm club of potential hires.
  3. Records of electronic relationships cluster job searchers by topical interests. An employer will be able to draw from specific pools of prospects in a fashion the helps you match the right people for a position. This clustering will provide better trending information to stay ahead of hiring trends that tend to draw out the best candidates.
  4. Extending the power for referrals. Most jobs are filled by referrals, not many employers have the hours necessary to process the hundreds of resumes they receive daily. A network environment connected to a job search site could help employers be more selective about the resumes they receive, even have top candidates referred to them.
  5. Cultivation of long-term professional relationships. Such a network could become a gathering place for trade associations, giving both employer and job seeker further opportunities to connect. Your company would be able to present its value to a larger audiences looking to fill specific positions, helping improve the speed of your placement.

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