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Resource Pools Are A Bad Practice

Go fish! in the resource pool. Resource pools assume that people are a sum of their technical skills without considering interpersonal skills that contribution to work completion. [Software (Management) Process Improvement]

Resources pools praised by some are poor for business relationships. Treating employees like simple tools or exchangeable machine parts is never good for productivity. For effective employees you must consider each on interpersonal skills in addition to quantifiable skills.

Companies create "resource pools" with employees not assigned to a particular project. Each pool member completes a skill profile that helps match them to future project needs. These profiles often only cover technical skills, but hardly considers interpersonal skills like leadership, problem solving, and existing relationships.

This type of skill matching misses the other factors that are necessary for a productive group, including ones ability to work with others, time management skills, and interpersonal communications.

While there isn't any single way to handle employees between projects, the key is to consider each on their own abilities-- not just analytical measures or simple skills profiles. Consider a combination of personality and non-technical skills profiles to match people to projects. By treating employees as individuals you'll compel a greater level of loyalty from each individual.

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By Justin Hitt at October 5, 2003 11:26 PM  Subscribe in a reader


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