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Role Of Executives In Software Implementation

Tips for the Internal Champion. You have to get real-time project information to team members on the road, technicians on your shop floor, or employees around the world. [PSAPortal News and Opinion]

Tips for the Internal Champion (Cook, Steve. Getting Executive Buy-In) provides useful strategies for implementing a project management portal, but are appropriate for any other software based management system. The common theme is executive buy-in, a critical factor in any implementation that works toward stronger relationships.

Improving your ability to make decisions can bring you closer to business objectives that convey the meaning of relationship value. Make sure your team brings you a system that provides critical information you need, get involved in the requirements process. Outline specifically what you use in decision making.

Often information technology (IT) teams will prescribe new technologies to executives because it is available-- take an active business-minded approach before significantly changing any business system. Don't let the latest-and-greatest slow down your business.

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