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Smarten Up Your Greatest Assets

Aristotle. "All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind." [Quotes of the Day]

Are your people dumber for working at your company? Some managers expect employees to leave their minds at the door to focus on over-developed business processes. When Aristotle said, "All paid jobs absorb and degrade the mind.", it sounds like he is talking about modern business.

Too often than you may care to consider, your company is limiting the creativity of your employees. A strict adherence to formal business processes turns off an individuals ability to make decisions when variables are contrary to the norm. In some areas of business this is a necessity, but for professional services this dumbing down can really hurt your business.

Skills all employees should be encouraged to develop:

These skills will help on-the-job performance and enhance learning in other areas. Measure these soft skill areas as part of job evaluations. Also make available training opportunities and encourage self study with take-home programs available through the company library.

If Wal*Mart can offer first time department managers a list of recommended books they can get from the public library, you can provide guidance to help your own staff hone up these skill areas. Other training options include formal training events with outside vendors, luncheons with internal experts, formal consultative support, and computer based skills training. Some employee wellness programs offer training materials in these areas.

The initial investment may seem foreboding, but over time you'll create a more productive working environment, have greater job satisfaction, and be able to charge higher rates for billable time. Yes, you'll have some employees leave for higher salaries, and you will have to hire new people to replace them.

When you create an environment that makes employees better for have worked with your company, then you will develop long-term relationships that keeps your business one step ahead of the competition.

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