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Successful Implementations If Internet Technology

In the dot.com build-up websites for business-to-business companies were consider revolutionary tools to change everything about the way we do business. Common models included enablers that reduce delays in a supply chain, low cost training resources and marketing tools. How successful has your web strategy been?

Business-to-business sites that were the most successful for companies who ran them were sites that helped customers find resources for purchase or exchange. Not a simple brochure, but an interactive environment to find answers, do price comparisons, or technical research on a product.

The Internet reduced transaction costs and simplified the basic commerce functions, opening up huge secondary markets. These exchanges traded everything from aircraft to basic construction materials like bolts-- anything that could be shipped or provided in a packaged unit. Most often commodity materials.

A professional services exchange provides contract services between one company and another. Just like traditional bid-proposal systems, companies can find service providers or request bids for specific projects. Professional services exchanges sprung up all over the Internet, including: (the line between contract outsourcing and job search is constantly blurring)

Efforts to optimize the supply chain have pushed changes in technology, the Internet has been useful in this aspect for business-to-business. Vertical trade exchanges provided powerful tools to cut dollars off resource acquisition, sites included: (including some high profile company auctions)

[Ed.-- While the Internet is well suited for auction like exchanges, this type of commerce isn't always constructive for price stability and availability. Auctions sometime produce a lowest bidder mentality where quality isn't considered till after the fact.]

When you are faced with new technology, instead of implementing it for its own sake; ask questions that identify cost reductions, clearly define a return on investment, and improve your value to customers. Technology is often produced faster than it is culturally accepted, great ideas take time to adopt or work out the bugs.

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