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Designing For Decisions (Abstract)

Designing for Decisions. One of the greatest misconceptions about web sites is that they should be designed for selling. Users now come to web sites with the intent of exploring their options to make a decision. [Weblog]

Andrew Chak, of the UIE Roadshow, shares an important new aspect of visitor objectives-- visitors come to websites with the intent of gathering opinion to make a decision. Chak's simple article covers 5 key areas outlined here with my own commentary. These strategies can provide a more compelling experience for visitors over a sale-oriented site, while helping them make buying decisions.

  1. Differentiate the choices. Help your visitor understand the difference between product models, provide additional information as necessary. Let customers make decisions based on as many important details as possible.
  2. Educate Your Users. While you might share details that differentiate choices, you must educate your customer to know what those details mean to them. Educate customers about product value as it relations to the problems they are facing.
  3. Understand Your Users' Goals. Provide solutions in the context of individual users, focus on what they specifically need based on your understanding of them. Allow users to adjust their experience to better serve what they desire.
  4. Address Concerns. It is important to address concerns as they interact with your site, give reasons to purchase, but do so in the context of the visitors interests. You can address concerns with supporting documentation, lists of features, and direct comparisons of competing products.
  5. Be Purposeful. When helping users make decisions every piece of detail must be justified and serve to influence the reader. Providing gobs of information just for the sake of making it available only serves to confuse the user. Organization and purpose is very important contributor to experience.

Andrew Chak is an information architect and industrial engineer and author of the book, Submit Now: Designing Persuasive Web Sites. For more about his User Interface Engineering (UIE) Roadshow, visit https://www.uieroadshow.com/

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