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How To Create Extra Value With Pitched Articles

Articles are a great way to share background information about your product or communicate certain benefits that you want your prospects to consider. These benefits might contribute to reasons a customer should enter into a buying relationship with your company. If you are already writing articles for your own website you can create a higher level of exposure by writing for other publications too.

Instead of reusing the articles you have already written, consider:

These methods create more on the same topic while expanding the amount of detail available to readers. You can even link to these other articles or reference each other in future articles. With these strategies you're documenting everything on a topic, instead of saying the same thing over and over again.

A way to build relationships in business is to educate the other party about the value of such a relationship-- conveying your message in writing is important, but variety helps different people come to the same conclusion. What message could you share with prospective customers?

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