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Limit Confusion By Providing One Choice At A Time

Give Your Customers Direction. Sean D'Souza thinks that customers want direction. He provides his own nice summary of the article: Customers are confused by multiple directions. [BusinessPundit]

Customers have enough going on in their life, they don't need anymore confusion. Sean D'Souza of PsychoTactics(tm) shares some points about how we confuse customers with too many choices. Yes, too many choices at a point of action can freeze a customer in their tracks.

It's your responsibility to ask the questions that need to be answered, then tell the customer exactly what they need to do next. Keep them moving toward the solution right for them. If you confuse the interaction with irrelevant decisions, the customer will often move on to your competition.

Often we cram our websites full of links, supporting details that make it hard for visitors to make a single decision, yet alone the right decision. Your website should provide simple directions to the visitor, tell them what to do next, then ask them to take action. You can still provide the supporting information, just consider the sequence and process of the interaction.

In fact, if you want streamline your order process, you must reevaluate all of your marketing materials to focus on readers want, then presenting one action that moves them closer to receiving the solution they seek.

Treat every customer interaction as a series of stages moving a customer closer to a purchase (or their desired results.) Walk them through the purchase, but make it easy by making one decision at a time. Are you moving your customers along to the one right choice?

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