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Members Are Detached From Their Communities Most Of The Time

Just as individuals must be able to control their participation within a larger community, they must also have the choice to remove themselves. Remember, members function as non-members a greater percentage of their lifetime. Any community that demands more time than they are willing to invest is simply discarded.

Subgroups help segment the community experience, allowing members to focus on their specific interest. Too often only a small percentage of activities a community performs will be of interest to all members. Don't expect everyone to participate in everything.

Allow people to focus on those areas they have the greatest concern without bothering them with other activities of the community. Learn about the individual needs of your members to offer them those things they will be interested. This customization keeps them involved and justifies dedicating more time to the community.

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By Justin Hitt at November 5, 2003 9:32 PM  Subscribe in a reader


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