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Rediscover The Differentiating Value Of Strong Customer Relationships

Customers Schmustomers. Curt Rosengren, my "are you passionate about your job enough" conscience sent me a link to a fascinating article written by the Gallop Management Journal (First Break All The Rules, Now Discover Your Strengths, Follow This Path) ... [John Porcaro: mktg&msft]

John Porcaro (works in marketing at Microsoft Corporation) expresses his views on a an article from the Gallop Management Journal called Roadblocks to Customer Engagement (Part I). Porcaro reinforces the importance of strong customer relationships and highlights key mistakes companies make. If you've been a regular reader of Inside Strategic Relations or this weblog, you've probably already got these areas covered. However, here are highlights with my commentary for your review.

Porcaro quotes the original article:

"Marketers are rediscovering that strong customer relationships are essential if companies want to avoid the downward spiral into commodity status that comes from competing on price alone. ..."

Key points for reinforcing strong customer relationships and avoiding key mistakes in relationship building:

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By Justin Hitt at November 14, 2003 1:29 AM  Subscribe in a reader


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