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Learn From Business Week's Web Smart 50

Business Week introduces it's The Web Smart 50, introducing websites over six categories who are using the Web to benefit their customers-- and themselves. In this post, you'll learn what players in each category had in common, and how the six categories could influence your business communication strategy.

  1. Collaboration. Reduce costs by incorporating the Internets tools for sharing information. Complete more by bringing together the knowledge and resources necessary to solve customer problems.

  2. Customer Service. Automate large processes in a way that makes them easier for customers to interact with. The Web provides resources that make it easier for customers to order.

  3. Customization. Internet tools let you easily collect information about specific customers desires to create custom products. You can now customize style, materials, price, and other details previously difficult to collect.

  4. Streamlining. With more information in a common format, the Internet makes processes faster and easier to optimize. This organizing power helps find more qualified customers and remove unprofitable ones without trial-and-error.

  5. Management. Merging project, resource, and staffing information provides better utilization that save money for all involved. By having the information necessary to better manage resources, you can increase profits with less investment.

  6. Cutting Edge. New technology can reduce costs while giving you a competitive advantage in your industry. Look for tools that simplify, improve speed, and increase quality.

Business Week's Web Smart 50 includes examples of results achieved by specific companies in many different industries. Companies featured include Cisco, Dell, Lockheed Martin, Wells Fargo, and Gilbane. Also includes ticker information and corporate information about each company.

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