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There Is Nothing Your Employees Can't Accomplish

Keep your feet moving. Flemming Funch, aka Ming the Mechanic, posted a short but power-packed summary of what Anthony Robbins has to say about achieving anything you want. [The Occupational Adventure (sm) Blog]

One in four employees working for your company isn't achieving the results they desire, yet alone what your customer demands. They struggle, and even look like they are giving it their all, but without any results they go home tired at the end of each day. Curt Rosengren of Occupational Adventure relays 4 truths of accomplishing anything that I think every reader should share with their employees.

These truths came from Anthony Robbins, and are summarized here with commentary from my upcoming book and tutorial, Magic 1% Principles. To you, what I'm about to say may make perfect sense, but to an employee struggling to solve real customer problems-- it's important to pay attention for their sake.

There is nothing your employees can't accomplish if:

  1. They clearly decide what it is that they are absolutely committed to achieving. Not vague notions like "customer satisfaction", but solid measurable objectives that inspire emotion. Use specific statements like, "A 5% increase in customer retention of which half of those customers were passionate enough to refer one new buyers." If possible, encourage employees to tie company objectives with their own personal growth, "To reach lead sales executive by January by, ..."
  2. They must be willing to take massive action. After years of not being allowed to do what needs to be done for customers, most employees are trained not to act in big ways. Encourage employees to do what is necessary, or to at least do something toward the objectives they have previously defined.
  3. They notice what's not working to correct it. Best practices should be shared across individuals, no more hoarding of knowledge, make every effort a team effort that promotes individual gain. When people work together the resources are available to accomplish more, less friction in decisions and more action with passion.
  4. They continue to change their approach until they achieve what it is they want. This is why strong clear objectives are a must, because when an employee changes their approach without focus, they accomplish nothing. Encourage change that improves the individual, the organization, and brings them together toward clear objectives.

Not every employee will embrace these truths, some will still blame their failures on others. It is not your responsibility to motivate individual desires outside of providing the opportunity for their own progress. Sometimes you'll need to upgrade the workforce as you discover who is willing to change for the better.

You would be surprised what your employees can do when they have the right tools.

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