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Create Loyal Employees With Sincere Appreciation

Does this touchy-feely stuff work?. Had the rare experience of getting a newsletter in the post this morning. This one comes from Fishburn Hedges a PR company named the second best place to work in the UK by the Financial Times. [The Mutual Marketing Weblog]

Building stronger relationships with employees isn't as touchy-feely as it is a sound business practice. Make employees feel a part of the larger organization, show them you trust their judgment, and reward them for their unique contribution. These actions create a an emotional connection (loyalty) that will make your company more productive, and highly profitable.

Employees want to feel they have made a unique contribution and that they are appreciated. Let's face it, most employees aren't happy with their job yet alone with their own decisions in life. If you involve employees in decisions that influence their lives, reward them for behavior that advances the corporate mission, and help them find their own identity in your organization, then employees will be happier and more productive.

Motivate employees by helping them feel they belong to something larger than themselves. Help them embrace your mission by demonstrating how their efforts are changing the lives of clients. Your business is no longer selling financial services, it's "providing for the financial well-being of clients in a way that gives their children a brighter future."

What an employee does today makes a difference to the child who will get to go to college because their parents learned about a certain financial instrument. Help employees understand that their role isn't just for a paycheck, but an opportunity to grow by fulfilling the dreams of clients. What difference does your employee make to the client?

It is easy to trust an employees judgment when they guide their behavior on a larger mission or are inspired by the results created for clients. To reinforce this desired behavior, rapidly reward individuals for achievements that support this underlying mission. This doesn't have to be formal or expensive, seek immediate rewards that say "Thank You" in a meaningful way.

Listen carefully to what employees want, often you will find rewards that don't cost anything. The most important element of improving employee relationships is immediate rewards closely tied to the desired behavior. Employees must know why they are being rewarded and how their actions influence results created for clients.

You don't have to be touchy-feely, but show sincere appreciation with the periodic pat on the back for a job well done. Having loyal client-focused employees means greater productivity and greater profits -- Isn't that what you want?

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By Justin Hitt at December 13, 2003 3:05 PM  Subscribe in a reader


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