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Customer Service, The Actions You Take For Greater Loyalty

Responding to Alison's Post. How do your companies talk about customer service? How do they teach it, and how do your corporate leaders embody the company's service principles (or do they)? [Fast Company Now]

Doesn't it seem like more talk about customer service than do anything about improving it? Customer service is an action, not a concept. Here are a few things you can do to take actions that improve loyalty and keep buying customers.

  1. How you serve customers must align themselves with customer expectations. Use a 20-point survey to gather details about the specific areas customers feel are important, then against those same points, what you deliver. What you learn about gaps in what customers want and what they receive will help you improve your service efforts.
  2. Use technology to remember your customers across all interaction points. Use a CRM system or other technology to "remember" your customers as they work with your organization. When a customer is challenged, you must have every detail about their account at your finger tips if you expect to solve the problem for them.
  3. Avoid gimmicks and focus on specific details important to your customers. Gimmicks are used by companies with no real value. Make every customer interaction point a positive experience for your buyers. Your corporate mission should govern each employees actions while reaching mutually beneficial solutions for everyone.

To make these actions natural, provide regular training that places emphasis on doing something for the customer rather than just talking about it. What you do about customer service will make relationship building easier. Customers rather hear about the great things you've done for them, not those things you want to do.

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