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Five Pillars For Leading The Client-Focused Organization (Summary)

Leader to Leader Institute: Five Pillars for Leading the Client-Focused Organization. Joseph Neubauer shares his five precepts or pillars for building enduring client relations, and strengthening a companies reputation drawn from his 20 years as a chief executive. [elearningpost]

Five Pillars For Leading the Client-Focused Organization. A post in the Column Two weblog referenced a wonderful article, Five Pillars for Leading the Client-Focused Organization, which was written by Joseph Neubauer, Chairman and CEO of ARAMARK Corporation. [CRM Mastery E-Journal]

To have a strong client relationships you need even stronger employee relationships. In Joseph Neubauer's 20 years of executive experience he's found five precepts that contribute to building enduring client relationships. Neubauer shares them with Leader to Leader, which I've summarized here.

These pillars build the foundation executives need to support the demands of todays competitive world. When reading each pillar, think about what application you can implement over the next 3-months. No organization can afford to exaggerate the worth of employee talent in building profitable client relationships.

  1. Surround yourself with good people. Seek out those individuals with strong moral qualities that support your business objectives. Find great people first, and then if necessary train them on the technical issues. Use various communications channels to show your appreciation and build relationships necessary to retain great leaders.
  2. Invest in your people. The results produced by your company are totally the result of actions taken by leaders inside your organization. Actions include solving problems with critical thinking, taking responsibility, and supporting a growth culture. Invest in training personal development and communications skills to give your people the tools they need to solve problems for customers and focus on reaching corporate objectives.
  3. Listen to your people. Educate employees about the challenges your company faces, then ask them how to solve these problems instead of telling them how. Incorporate democratically developed improvements into your organization at the direction of your employees. Make a conscious effort to gather and use the opinions of employees to improve your value to profitable clients.
  4. Align culture and mission though leadership. You must have buy-in from your leaders if you expect them to advance the organizations client-relationship initiatives. Use formal leadership development to instill new thinking, work on challenges inside the company, and to facilitate teaching/coaching skills. With a clear vision and strategy these skills help leaders focus on meaningful action.
  5. Keeping your commitments. If you can't be trusted to do what you say you will, how can you expect customers or employees to be loyal. Set clear priorities with your employees, set expectations for all interactions, and present a consistent message through action. Build partnerships with customers and employees to reach a common objectives profitably.

It takes time and a real investment in your people to create enduring customer relationships. ARAMARK Corporation (RMK) is still providing food services to original clients, some with 25 to 50 years of working together for mutual objectives. Even in a fast changing world of technology, the relationships you keep with employees and customers will do more to insure profitability than any other decision you make.

Joseph Neubauer is the chairman and CEO of ARAMARK Corporation. His thoughts are shared in issue Leader to Leader, No. 30 Fall 2003.

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