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How To Create Great Profiles For Social Networks That Attract Quality

Now that you know how social networks can help track business relationships, this article will share tips on how to establish a presents that attracts qualified business relationships. The strategies presented here will also help you strengthen existing relationships with these new tools.

If you haven't already selected a social network to involve yourself with, consider Christopher Allen's evaluation of a few social networking services, he covers Ryze, Tribe.net, LinkedIn, and Friendster. Select the network most appropriate for your industry and relationship objectives. If you have trouble choosing, at least consider LinkedIn or Spoke they are best for the professional executive.

Guidelines for creating a social network profile that attracts quality contacts:

Change your profile as your needs change and you'll find people returning to fulfill your needs. Consider other network participants are looking to make new contacts to extend their own networks. An accurate up-to-date profile is necessary to promote the most qualified contacts.

To create new, strengthen old, and improve existing business relationships with social networks, do the following:

  1. Create a strong profile that clearly outlines your objectives.
  2. Connect with peers and associates to share good news.
  3. Connect with customer and prospects to solicit feedback.
  4. Share leads and referrals by matching needs with wants.
  5. Make each contact purposeful and of value to both parties.
  6. Cultivate joint ventures that advance mutual objectives.
  7. Be selective about passing along referrals.
  8. Give endorsements to individuals who have earned them.
  9. Introduce yourself only when you have something of value to offer.
  10. Bridge live networking events with social networking to strengthen bonds.
  11. Use social networks as the first place you search for new resources.
  12. Strengthen relationships before you ask for endorsements.

Social networking software saves you time in tracking new relationships, but seek quality over quantity. Seek to build value in existing relationships first, use social networks to make others aware of what you are looking for, and use these simple strategies to make the most of social networking software.

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