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Make The Most Of Consulting Relationships

Make the most of your consulting time. Companies are looking for new ways to save money. While this means more business for consultants, the important thing for the company is to get the most out of its time with a consultant. [AMA Marketing Power]

Consultants can identify new ways of saving money. But, understanding how to make the most of a consulting relationship can insure measurable results. Here are a few ideas you should keep in mind when hiring outside consultants:

  1. Clearly define your objectives for hiring the consultant. It should be understood inside your company why you have hired a specific consultant. You should know what you want to accomplish, what success will look like, and have a picture of the results you desire.
  2. Hire consultants to support phases of larger projects. You may need the expertise of a consultant for a specific part of a larger project, bring them in for just that work, then wrap up their work at the end of the phase. Don't feel compelled to keep good consultants around.
  3. Consultants should leave you with tools you can use without them. A consulting relationships is an on-demand relationship that should terminate after your reach your specific objective. After a consultant leaves you should be able to continue without their intervention.
  4. Try something small on your own before seeking outside help. At least document what you have already tried and the results of those efforts. A great consultant will help you do more of what is working for you, plus introduce new strategies that can solve specific problems.
  5. Make sure consultants have access to the right people quickly. Make sure anyone a consultant will need to interact with is available, including customers, so you don't unnecessarily delay their efforts. You'll save money by keeping the consultant focused on tasks at hand.
  6. Be open to new ideas and executive them as directed. No consultant can bring meaningful results to your company if you don't take action on the advice they share. Take some action on the information they share, participate fully in their exercises, and document your results.

While consultants can be expensive, their expertise can help you reach your objectives faster than you could on your own. They also provide fresh ideas to solve specific problems because as outsiders they aren't blinded by internal politics or industry ruts. Make the most of your consultants time and you'll create a greater return on the investment.

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