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Sales Professionals Can Cultivate Honest Relationships

You probably have sales people who believe they can't cultivate honest business relationships and still sell at their current level. Sales people often feel compelled to stretch the truth to meet quotas, but your business doesn't have to be that way. Sales professionals at your organization can cultivate honest relationships.

Ask these questions about your sales people:

  1. Can we really deliver on the promises sales people make? Marketing says we can do this, and to make the close the deal, sales peoples say we can do that too. However, if your company can't deliver on the promises made by sales people, then you're setting yourself up for failure. Under promise, over deliver in every customer interaction.
  2. Are sales people making sales or cultivating loyal customers? The pressure to perform in some companies drives sales people to close any deal they can to keep their "numbers" right for management. Seek customers who have a greater life time value, not necessarily who will produce the quickest conversion.
  3. Do sales people seriously consider each customers concerns? Under pressures to close, some professional sales people seek out the hot buttons, instead of addressing each customers concern. Develop tools to help customers evaluate your offer before they get to sales, smarter customers me more productive sales people.
  4. Are sales, marketing, and service all talking with each other? Often sales people are swamped with useless leads pitched by marketing folks that don't understand customer problems. This leads to buyers who swamp your service departments because they have more problems than solutions. When these groups work together, the customer benefits and sales conversions improve.
  5. Do sales people have realistic measures of their own performance? Without accurate measures of sales actions and self-evaluation tools that encourage the right kinds of improvements, you're probably encouraging the lies perpetrated by sales people today. Sales people who compete with themselves are more productive.

To learn now ways these strategies help you gain customers of greater value, get a copy of "Get More Customers in Any Economy". Develop your own questions that sales people can use to evaluate their own honesty in developing profitable relationships. With the right questions, you'll be able to develop guidelines for performance that everyone can follow, no matter the pressure of the situation.

Justin Hitt helps business-to-business selling professionals connect buyers in a sincere way that creates sales and long term customer relationships. For complete details visit https://www.justinhitt.com/

Resources to pass to your sales people:

/ clearly-communicate | interaction-points /

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