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Satisfied CEOs Use These Strategies

75% of CEOs think about quitting. Think that that urge to jump ship and swim as fast as you can to passion island is limited to the rank and file? Think again. It goes all the way to the top. [The Occupational Adventure (sm) Blog]

Being a CEO is more difficult than it seems, no longer the cushy life of leisure it was once thought to be (was it ever?) According to They've got the CEO blues (Dallas Morning News, Cheryl Hall) 73% of CEO's surveyed are thinking about quitting and another 80% lose sleep over worries of work. A surprising number of senior-level staff don't want the position either-- What is a CEO to do?

Even with a short period of time to prove yourself, there are things you can do to improve your job satisfaction and accomplish more as a CEO. Consider these strategies to start:

  1. Spend time enhancing your skills while learning about your industry. CEOs are kept awake at night with concerns about their industry, competitors, and are often hampered by their own abilities. Improving communications skills, delegation, and management practice often brings the confidence you need to stay focused. The more you understand the world around you the less stress you experience.
  2. Choose an inner circle that complements your own skills. By surrounding yourself with competent enjoyable people you can relax knowing that work is progressing. Seek individuals with a strong moral foundation and a willingness to master the tasks the business will face. You don't have to do everything, often stress mounts up at the top when CEOs don't let their people do their jobs.
  3. Collect hidden insights from around your company by being seen. Take a walk down to production, participate in frank discussions about challenges the business faces. Ask employees for solutions and spend lots of time listening. Moving among those who you might have some friction will reduce misunderstandings, even lead to a greater mutual respect of each other.

Even if all seems well, you still might run into a wall, know when to call in a coach or mentor who can help you move to the next level. Being a CEO can be rewarding, the influence can help improve the lives of your customers and employees. Often the beauty of a rose is enhanced by the sting of its thorns.

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