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Why Copy Testing Is Critical To Understanding Your Customer

Testing Web Copy Improves Results. Direct mail companies wouldn't dream of sending out a large mailing without first testing the copy and layout. But many web marketers craft expensive web marketing campaigns and never test. [MarketingWonk - The single source for no-nonsense Internet marketing news]

Are you sure that your marketing efforts are relevant to your prospects? Your prospective customers are bombarded with literally thousands of advertising messages each day. How can you be sure they will respond to what you have to offer?

To get your marketing noticed in a meaningful way, you'll need to take every effort to better understand the desires of your buying customer. Here several reasons why testing marketing copy is critical to understanding customers:

  1. You want your message to reach prospects ready to buy today. How do you know someone is ready to purchase? They tell you so by responding to copy designed to to find buyers, and weed out those who are just looking.
  2. Prospects are hungry for facts that help them make a buying decision. How do you know what information prospects need to make buying decisions? They will request certain information that is not requested by prospects who don't purchase.
  3. If you have a relevant message, your customers will respond positively. How do you know you have a relevant message? Relevance turns prospects into customers in the shortest period of time.
  4. Written communications are less costly than face-to-face contact. Why are written communications more cost effective? The average sales call costs US $329, and the average direct mail package between US $1.50 to $15.75 per piece.
  5. You are competing with others for the same prospects attention. How do you get that attention? Your message must be more compelling and provide greater value than anything else they receive; this includes any white papers, email, or other marketing collateral.

Consider these to facts about customer behavior that are often neglected; (a) marketing efforts are measurable through testing, and (b) marketing conversion means compliance with an idea or concept. Once you fully understand these points, you'll find the greatest measure of customer understanding is a change in behavior that occurs when they respond to a specific marketing efforts.

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