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Connect With Others The Way They Want To Receive You

The media is a buzz with news of social networking software. Using the Internet to network is becoming all the rage, of course, there was this much excitement when the business card was invented. I've been on-line since 1989 and don't lend myself to the hype being presented, but will agree, some people are finding useful ways to develop new relationships on-line.

For now, you should continue to build relationships everywhere you interact with customers, employees, or strategic partners. Use face-to-face events, personal interactions, and various other channels. If you're going to use the Internet to network, I do recommend an article from Scott Allen's team entitled, Top Ten Tips for Online Business Networking.

No channel is better than another, it's important to use what works best for the intended audience. It is naive, even for a technology company, to think the Internet is going to be better for building relationships than any other tool. Social networking environments provides a useful tracking tool that can become a distraction if not used properly.

How do you know what channel works for your audience? Let them tell you by their actions, test marketing copy, try various channels, journal about your results, and make every interaction pay for itself monetarily. If you can't make a channel turn profits, then focus on the ones that can. Yes, it's that simple.

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By Justin Hitt at January 15, 2004 3:16 AM  Subscribe in a reader


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