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Courting Your Leads Before Selling Increases Conversion Rates

Why lead nurturing works. In a complex sale, my experience is, most of the selling actually happens when the sales person isn't there. [B2B Lead Generation Blog]

Brian Carroll provides some great advice for cultivating a lead, with great emphasis on building the relationship instead of pushing for a sale. I have found that in 9 out of 10 cases, building a client relationship around a prospects needs, desires, concerns, objectives, before asking for a sale leads to 23% higher conversion rates.

The key factor, as Carroll states, is that most of the relationship building with a lead happens when you're not around. You build a relationship in every interaction, not just in the face-time your sales people spend delivering your message. It's critical to have a process to continue a discussion of your value beyond a lead raising their hand.

This doesn't mean annoy the prospect, or bombard them with propaganda, but instead gather the details you need to solve real problems that must be addressed now. When you focus on these areas before you ask for a sale, you almost always earn the right for the sale. It is always recommend that you use multiple medium interactions (i.e. mail, email, phone, visit, ...) instead of relying on a single marketing medium.

Each time you interact with a prospect, you want to limit confusion by offering only one action at a time, with each action bringing you closer to understanding their concerns. Once you understand their concerns, then use this action to bring them closer to a sale.

Nothing confuses a prospect more than bombarding them with questions, information, and sales propaganda. Spend more time getting to know prospective clients, walk them along as if you were courting them for a long-term relationship. After all, your objective is to gain a client for life, not a one-night stand.

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