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Be Known By The Company That Keeps You

You are known by the company you keep, and now you can brag about it on the social networking platform of your choice. However, if you want powerful relationships that grow your ability to be profitable (not just popular), then it's ever more important to surround yourself with quality relationship that promote mutual benefit.

Are you in demand as an executive or in your current position? If your current company dissolved, would there be several offers waiting. It is better to be known by the results you create than an address book a mile thick.

Better yet, are their people encouraging you along to more powerful positions inside your own company? Are you already at the top of your company and being offered future opportunities? The actions you take today will make these offers available in the future.

Yes, you want to surround yourself with the best, you want to select an inner circle of powerful connections, but you want to do this for mutual benefit. You don't surround yourself with others for what it can do for you, but more what you can do together. Benefits created in the relationships you already have produce the result by which you are measured.

Connect with people who will profit from knowing you. Associate with those people who will enjoy your presents, even enough to pass your name along to others. Through the successes you create around you, you'll be known by the company you keep.

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