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Management Style Influences Relationships Created

Darwin Executive Guides: Leadership. Describing various management styles with an overview of c-level executives roles in new management philosophies. [Darwin Magazine]

Your management style has a huge influence on the relationships you create. While no one style is better than another, it's a matter of matching your personality with a style then with the type of relationships you look to create.

Management style influences and questions you should ask yourself about the relationships you have created:

  1. How you make decisions (participative or controlling),
  2. Giving directions (broad objectives or detailed prescription),
  3. Influencing people (persuade, facilitate or demand),
  4. Dealing with conflict (avoid, cause or engage),
  5. Orientation to change (visionary or status quo),
  6. Orientation to results (action or analysis),
  7. Interpersonal skills (mature or immature),

Other management styles can influence relationships development, but have not been listed here for the sake of space. Review your own "style" and look at how it influences the relationships around you. Darwin Magazine's Executive Guide on Leadership also has excellent links to university research and leadership resources that might help you identify your management style.

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