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How To Improve Business Relationships In The New Year

While many leaders of this publication see the New Year as "out with 4th Quarter 2004 and in with 1st Quarter 2005." ?(As ghastly as it may seem, there are still a few who only set goals once a year.)? Even those who work on business relationships every day can benefit from new ideas. Are you planning to build business relationships once a year, or are you building relationships every day?

Jon Strande of Business Evolutionist offers Top 50 Things To Improve Relationships that provides a wholesale list of things you can do to improve relationships in business and your personal life. In your planning for the coming quarter, you are encouraged to browse his original article.

Here are three key points that should be highlighted in detail:

To improve business relationships in the New Year encourage employees to take specific actions each day to grow the value customers see in your solution. Start by just choosing one of these points each month, implement it with vigor, and measure your results. Before you know it, you'll improve business relationships in this New Year.

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