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How Leaders Create The Self-Fulfilling Promise Of Mutual Gain

What is the "self-fulfilling promise of mutual gain?"? First, you are not responsible for what employees get out of working with and for your organization. Second, you cannot give everyone what he or she want in life.

Nevertheless, you can help others see value in their association with you that only can be gained through their own efforts. This projection of value helps leaders guide intelligent people to make good for an organizations objectives.

Smart employees must see their own gain in what you ask of them. Leaders create the self-fulfilling promise of mutual gain by:

Yes, there is more that can be done, but it's critical first to understand that others must get what they want while giving you what you want. People are motivated by their own needs foremost.

To have strong relationships with your employees, you'll need to help them see the value in their association with you. In this, you will create highly motivated individuals willing to push forward corporate objectives because objectives become meaningful to their own lives.

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