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Who Else Wants To Create Profitable Customers Quickly

Many of my clients want customers yesterday, but by the time I'm hired there are more than a few challenges that block this objective. This is because the system they once used to attracting profitable customers is not working right now.

What I do is provide a catalyst for developing a solid sales pipeline that qualifies, monitors, and develops buying relationships. This almost always starts with an analysis of what has worked in the past.

Here are some actions you can take now to reduce sales slowdowns:

  1. Get involved in the conversation in progress, even if it's controversial in your industry.? When you address customer concerns as a member of their community your services are more acceptable. This acceptance comes because you truly understand the buyers prospective. If you're not advocating something of value to your target market, then you're just a supplier.
  2. Help prospects make buying decisions with response based materials and educational programs.? All face-to-face interactions are selling opportunities; get more miles from your collateral by answering many of the prospects questions early. Also use these materials to qualify a prospects interest.
  3. Educate your target market around specific concerns and desires gathered.? Use research, surveys, interviews, and other relevant experience to fulfill the desires of your buyer. Position yourself as the logical service provider not by your own statement, but with solid proof tailored to address key concerns already in the mind of buyers.

These actions start what is necessary to keep new prospects moving toward your solutions, while nurturing leads into customers. For more ideas to create profitable new customers quickly, sign-up for the free mini-course "How B2B Firms Create Profitable Customers Quickly."

The difference between a company that seems to have all the sales and one that does not is what was put into their sales pipeline yesterday. Are your opportunities growing in number and quality?

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By Justin Hitt at August 25, 2005 9:48 AM  Subscribe in a reader


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