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Reducing Time to Close, Even if You Use Proposals

Business-to-business firms constantly struggle with time to sale, whether it's putting together a proposal or estimate quickly, or just getting to close. The average complex high dollar sale can take 12 months to close, so after a prospect is interested why make the proposal take any longer.

Your proposal process is costly, it's time invested that you can't get back. I've combined my mentors advice from 1996 with advice from other mentors for these tips for getting more proposal out while saving time:

Ideally you'll use relationship selling to avoid the proposal process all together, or instead use it as a formality for project management. But if you have to write proposals, use these tips to save time which you can reinvest into selling.

Whether you write huge complex proposals or a few pages, you can improve your speed and results if you know how. Every proposal matters, you may not get a second chance to close the sale, use these strategies to turn them around quickly and accurately.

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