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Connecting With Readers on Social Bookmark Sites

Using social media to promote your business website is all the rage. Or so the experts say. While I'm not one to follow the latest buzz, I have found some valuable ways to use the tool of social bookmarks that I'd like to share with you.

In another article I'll cover common mistakes marketers make when using social media, right now lets focus on getting more from social bookmarking. First, think of social bookmarks as a customer interaction point far out in the attention stage (using an AIDA model).

Each social bookmarking system has it's own core niches. Choose social bookmarks relevant to your topic and industry, but the key is not to submit your own materials. Instead, make it easy for others to bookmark your content.

Here's a quick list1 of social bookmark sites to get you started:

If you want to make the most of social networks, team with other organizations to post things of value for your combined target audience. This means, I target sales and marketing professionals, so I've teamed with others (with complementary) solutions and periodically bookmark each others materials.

The interesting thing about teaming is that it follows the social media construct, plus provides some quality controls. It's no different than peer reviews, it also keep content great for repeat visits. But don't try to game the system, you will be brutally penalized.

For business-to-business websites the value of social bookmarking traffic is debatable, you'll have to test like anything else. Social bookmark traffic is good for driving page views of content sites and building newsletter sign-ups but poor on conversion to sale.

Give social bookmarking a try, combined with a centralized log analysis you'll gain insights and can measure which social bookmark site works best for your business. Just don't be seduced by all the hype in the consumer oriented Internet marketing world.

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1. Many more Social Bookmark sites are available, I've only listed here those most relevant to business-to-business sales and marketing professionals.

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