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Improper Use of Sales Gimmicks Insults Prospects

You've likely seen a sales person botch a selling gimmick designed to engage a prospect. Was it a trade show, cold call prospecting, or at an event? Here's what really happens ...

I make a habit of finding unusual sales gimmicks that translate well into the business-to-business selling space, and am constantly surprised by the garbage approaches some managers teach sales people.

Here are a few flawed sales gimmicks often used by B2B sales persons:

The botch comes with not getting the prospects permission to contact, or not clearly understanding the prospects interest. Both are disrespectful and will get you tossed out on your ear.

Managers and sales people alike seem to miss the attention part of a sales gimmick, it's not so much for you to attach to your prospect, but instead to get your prospect to contact you (and qualify themselves.)

By not allowing your prospect to welcome you, invite you, or otherwise connect with you first, you often catch them at the wrong time. Now I'm not saying that cold calling doesn't work, in fact, for some industrial solutions it works very well.

It's just when a sales person tries to use gimmicks rather than real permission to get a prospects attention. You harm the business relationships by making the approach adversarial (like hunting), rather than the cooperation you get from an invitation.

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