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Are You Waiting for the Economy to Improve?

You are facing slow downs in your market, customers aren't buying, and your numbers look gloomy. It's in the news, candidates promising change. This is what I hear from members, but are you waiting for the economy to improve?

In my business, I don't care what the economy is doing, it doesn't matter one bit to me. The only thing I care about is finding buyers, because I know in every market, someone is buying. The same goes for you.

If you are content with sitting around waiting for something to happen, you'll die as a business. Many sales and marketing professionals don't know any better, they sit around waiting for stimulus checks, tax breaks, and good news from the president.

Presidential candidates know this and use it to get votes, however, in selling, know that it is your own efforts that create results, not some external force.

It's what you do everyday that makes a difference in your personal economy. You are different, I know you aren't waiting for something to happen, you are out making things happen in your field.

I want you to master your circumstances, take control of the situation you face, because no matter the economy, someone is always doing good. Why can't that recession proof person be you?

Here are some quick tips to get into action and create results for your industrial or technology services firm:

You'll notice the common theme of action. You know better than to sit around and wait for something. As a selling professional, I want you out there making that "something" happen for you. It's your efforts more than anything else that create your personal economy.

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