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Biggest Social Media Marketing Mistakes

With all the excitement around social media many business-to-business marketers are missing the point. How much time are you spending with these new tools? They make these horrible mistakes that you will avoid to be successful:

  1. Not doing a good job on the other basics in your organization. When you drive a prospect back to your company, do you properly capture the lead and follow up?
  2. Focusing too much on us and not enough on buyers. Do you just flog your products or do you connect with a community of buyers?
  3. Not fully understanding how to use the tools to full advantage. Do you have up to date profiles that convey your value, are you connecting with people who care?
For example, you spend time blogging and contributing to social forums, yet when prospects search for you on -line they can't find your website due to poor search engine optimization (SEO). You attract buyers who can't figure out who to do business with you.

Often the excitement of a new channel pulls us away from things you are already doing and could do better. That's why tracking, measurement, and testing are so important to the modern business-to-business marketer.

Yes, test social media, but don't bet the farm until you have proof of return. The only thing that should drive your choice of media channel is profits and customer reach.

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