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Are Sales Gimmicks Worth It?

You can't please everyone, in fact, some of the best working sales gimmicks annoy many of the people who receive them. Some are upset beyond belief, insulted, even will refuse to do business with you in the future. But what really matters ...

As a selling professional you must understand that you won't please everyone every time. That means yes, you will upset a few, but are you making enough happy to be profitable? A properly implemented sales gimmick can be work millions to your business.

Sales gimmicks work only when they have logical tie-in with the prospects interests. Kathleen Steffey of Naviga Business Services exclaims to "Quit with Gimmicks!" -- telling of the experience her friend had with an advertising agency promotion.

Like any campaign you can't match with everyone, Kathleen's friend is likely only ONE of the thousands who received that mailing and was upset -- you can't please everyone. However, please enough and you have a solid marketing program.

Sales gimmicks are only part of any marketing approach, and they DO get the attention of enough to be profitable. Because they can backfire, it's important not to let them dominate your marketing mix.

I have to take a position on this, sales gimmicks work with most prospects but can't be your only way to follow up. Also, the bottom line is the response you get from buyers. Yes, you might upset a few non-buyers, but if they weren't going to buy anyway, then who cares.

Some incorrectly claim that sales gimmicks don't work, if that was the case the billion dollar industry around advertising promotions may collapse any second now. The truth is that sales gimmicks don't work on some people, but work well enough on everyone else to be used successfully.

Because there are so many misconceptions around sales gimmicks, I've setup a catalog of unusual sales gimmicks at http://SalesGimmicks.com/ -- if you are using gimmicks in your follow up or approach letters, understand that some people may get upset and that the only opinion that matters is those of buyers.

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