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Use Common Curtesous in Social Networking Communities

Just because you are on-line doesn't mean you doesn't mean you can be an annoying douche bag. The rules of social interaction are the same on-line as they are off-line. Here's how NOT to be annoying:

You know about the people whose behavior might not play fair and could make little problems worse. The bigger issue is that people jump into communities not understanding the rules of engagement.

Imagine you're at a party, someone runs up to you and slams a business card in your hand rambling about their widget ... because social networking tools are on-line they think the rules are different. You and I know these folks are stupid, but they don't know they are stupid.

Just ignore them, they will go away when something new comes along. Meanwhile focus on getting as much benefit as you can without pissing everyone off, show them an example of someone who gets results without being annoying.

If you want to build customer relationships through social media, you'll need to contribute to that community. Use what you learn in your real community, be of value to your prospect.

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