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Why Salespeople Avoid CRM Tools

Your manager exclaims, "Why isn't anyone using the new CRM software?" You know, that clunky thing management would like you to spend an hour with everyday. Here's why salespeople often avoid CRM tools:

  1. CRM software doesn't work into day-to-day process. When you are busy selling, time isn't always available to update a separate CRM system.
  2. Sales people are often bad at paperwork and non-selling documentation. After a day of meetings or travel, the last thing you want to do is spend time with a computer screen.
  3. No clear value for time in data enter. Without marketing or management really spelling out the value of CRM, most sales people just don't have time for it.
  4. Data in CRM systems is often wrong and misleading. Too many times have I traced out a lead from an automated system that wasn't a lead at all.
  5. Wrong kind of data in CRM system, or not in system at all. When only looking at half the picture, most sales people would rather just pick up the phone.
  6. CRM system not tailored to individual work flow or selling system. Often CRM works well for administrative staff, but not a good sales force automation tool.
  7. CRM is often used to redistribute leads to other sales people. Too many sales people are seeing hard prospected leads leveled out to less productive sales people.

The problem is that a properly implement CRM system can actually increase your sales. In another article I'll cover how to overcome this gap, even with the CRM system you currently have available to you. Meanwhile, I'm interested in hearing the other reasons you are NOT using your CRM system (or don't have one.) Write or contact me on-line.

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