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How Any Salesperson Get More from CRM

Your manager proudly unveils the companies shiny new customer relationship management (CRM) system. It looks nice, but how can you use it to create more sales? It's easier than it seems ...

To get the most from any CRM system, you use this tool to simplify prospecting, improve lead qualification, and automate your follow up. Traditionally sales people have faced challenges in these areas, CRM is supposed to help (so was SFA, too.)

Instead of "playing around" with your CRM software, start with a list of your daily activities. This scopes your use of this tool to what YOU do each day, rather than the other way around.

Most salespeople use their CRM system as a glorified calendar, if you want results you'll need to go beyond that. Your CRM system is your sales funnel, lead capture, and work flow management system.

With your daily activities, get familiar with those CRM features most relevant to you. Take 5 minutes in the morning, 5 before lunch, and 5 in the evening to update records around your selling activities.

This may mean, planning the next 2 follow up actions, recording a sales forecast, or noting the results of a call back. This information is for you, not so your manager can babysit you.

In fact, many sales people who are successful have staff who update their CRM system, then they work from reports and filters. This all starts with tailoring the system to how you work.

It takes a little time each day to keep your CRM database focused on what results you want to achieve. Many CRM systems lack in this area, however, when you record contacts, appointments, forecasts, and closes, you'll be a smarter selling professional.

Each week spend 10 minutes looking at reports CRM can provide you, including identifying which contacts worked. You'll notice trends in purchases, accounts near close, and other qualification factors to improve prospecting.

The major problem is, you can only get from any CRM system what you put into it. It also must be easy to get your data out, especially in your field, so demand this be resolved while you're documenting daily activities.

If you do these basics, in no time you'll see an improvement in sales volume. However, CRM can't be a replacement for getting in front of prospects, but can reduce your overhead time if properly used.

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Justin Hitt helps selling professionals get more from sales tools, including customer relationship management and sales force automation systems. To ask Justin questions visit http://AskJustinHitt.com/
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