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Are You Upselling Service Calls

Increasing sales means connecting with customers across every interaction point. Are you up-selling in a way that builds value for the customer with wants? Here is another way you can ...

I called Geico Direct to fix a chip in my windshield. The service call was the usual, verification of identity, verification of coverage, service schedule, and explanation of benefits. Plus one thing you can do in your business.

The representative explained that because of my coverage they would waive the deductible and do the chip repair for free. Then the representative says, "While they are there, you can have your windshield wipers replaced for just $22.95 with no service charge."

While the script could have been better, it was a classic reciprocation deal. Geico gives me something by waiving my deductible, repairing the chip for free, followed by an offer.

This up-sell could be better presented by explaining how important clear wipers are, and how most people don't get around to replacing them. Outside of the script, you should ask yourself, "How can I apply this in my business?"

Look at your service department, what small things can they take on the truck or quickly grab before heading to appointments that could add dollars to your bottom line while providing service to customers. I can buy windshield wipers for $10, maybe $20, but I'll still have to install them.

As the service technician waits for the windshield crack sealant, they can do something to produces additional revenue, plus in quantity your actual costs are much lower.

A fleet services company teamed with a mobile wash service to wet fuel, then wash each truck once a week. This convenient up-sell added hundreds of thousands over the course of a year. It also extends the life of vehicles and provides a better public image for the company receiving the service.

The up-sell was "We'll check the tires, oil, and top off any fluids, no extra charge, and for just $197 a vehicle we'll help you extend the life of your fleet with a weekly wash service." Can you see how you can give a little extra value but get much more in return, while still providing giving customers what they want?

What's the up-sell for your business and how can you incorporate in your service practice?

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