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Getting More From Sales Measurements

Tracking daily performance helps improve results, but it takes times and effort. Now that you are measuring daily actions and selling performance, how to do you make this process easier? Here are a few strategies to get you started.

In a previous article where I showed you what to measure, I highlighted the fact that your greatest results won't always come from actions or skills, but often can be improved with process.

This is because you have a finite amount of time, but if others can help you, then your time can be multiplied. You could prospect more, but if that took away from appointment, you'll lower sales results.

However, if someone else is adding to a sustainable level of prospecting and creating the same value leads (feeding your system), then you can double up on appointments and improve sales results.

You'll find other articles here on selling systems and process improvement, here are some quick areas to look at:

You can quickly increase your results by building a selling system on hard measurements, then tuning that system. After you find what works for your company, then outsource segments to multiple your results.

A small organization can go from a few sales people and grow without adding more staff. It's difficult to find quality producers, however, if you could double your production with an assistant, then why not.

Many CRM package provide these measures (or make it easy to extract them) or you can use a spread sheet. The key is to track your numbers daily, review them weekly, and adjust behavior each month based on what you have learned.

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